Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm officially a Work at Home Mom!

Last night was my first night working from home and aside from Hubby getting home late which cut in on my nap and Monster throwing a huge tantrum right as I was clocking in all went well. My shift started at 9:00 PM.
Hubby was over an hour late getting home last night because he had a meeting that ran late and then had to stop at the pharmacy to pick up Monster's antibiotic for his 2nd double ear infection this season; I think I got about a 30-45 minute nap because I had trouble falling asleep. Surprisingly I woke up pretty easily and made myself a bagel.
Just as I was about to clock in, my sleepy little Monster decided to have an all out melt down to the point that he wanted to be held but only in a certain spot where the living room, kitchen and hallway all meet. If Hubby moved a step in any direction he freaked out. I tried holding him but had the same result. Eventually Hubby took him in his bedroom so I could work because in our tiny little apartment the only place to set up my work station is on the sidebar in the living room.

Office Desk (1/8/15) photo IMG_1521_zps1fc9e836.jpg
My desk

Office (1/8/15) photo IMG_1522_zpsf889ea37.jpg
Notes and motivation

Office Storage (1/8/15) photo IMG_1518_zps88fb1307.jpg

The bedroom didn't work either so I put Thomas the train on Netflix and that did the trick; soon enough I had a sleeping toddler on the sofa and a sleeping Hubby on the floor. There was not a chance I was moving the toddler, although he did at one point sleep through rolling off the sofa.
Things were a bit confusing when I clocked in since I was never actually told what to do, I'm so used to having a strict schedule for my day so it was strange to not have a list in front of me, but I got over it fast enough. Honestly, it was really nice. I was solid until about 3:00 AM when I sudden;y became very tired and by 6:00 AM I was having trouble keeping my eyes open but I made it to 7:00 AM and went straight to bed until 12:00 PM.
I have to say even though I've only done 1 night, so far I'm loving being a work at home Mom. In the 4 days I had off between working in the office and working from home I was able to catch up on ALL of the laundry and even put it away (which never happens), I started reorganizing the kitchen (don't worry, there will be a whole other post on that once it's completed) and Hubby and I are planning to start exercising next week (because I thought doing too much in 1 week would be a bit rough). So far, this is the best decision I've ever made and I can't wait to do all things I never had time to do with Monster and Hubby.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

MommyCon Philly

Back in July I heard MommyCon would be visiting Philadelphia October 4-5 and decided I had to go. I couldn't pass up the chance to hang out with hundreds of like minds and get to meet some amazing people. I talked to Hubby and instead of dipping into our practically non-existent saving I sold some diapers to pay for my VIP ticket, no regrets.

The VIP ticket not only gave me extra goodies in my gift bag but is also included a brand new Beco Soleil (which alone retails for more then the cost of the ticket) and an extra day with Jessica Martin-Weber of The Leaky Boob, Bunmi Laditan of The Honest Toddler and Jamie Grayson of Baby Guy NYC.

 photo IMG_1128_zps6637a328.jpg

 photo IMG_1140_zps8c3401a2.jpg

I brought Monster with me on Saturday for VIP day, we both had a blast. While Monster was not into being personally fitted for our new Beco, he did enjoy playing with the other kids and running around the Convention Center. I'll say this, my child is not going to have a problem making friends when he gets older. The seminar room was filled with tunnels and playhouses in the back for Moms like me who brought toddlers along for the day, all of the kids seemed to enjoy it (they did not however like the few kids who played a bit too rough and were jumping on top of the tunnels while others were inside). The play area was nice because it allowed me to half listen to the speakers. We all cried with Jessica, laughed with Bunmi and learned about baby gear that I will never be able to afford with Jamie. As an added bonus, all of the speakers had giveaways.

Our Mommy/Monster day could not have gone any better. Monster had his first Patco train ride and walk through Center City Philadelphia. I of course felt right at home, it felt good but weird to be there for fun and not for work. I watched my son smoothly interact with other kids all in an unfamiliar place, he never fails to amaze me. We had an indoor picnic in the hallway, sharing everything and pointed out colors, shapes and and counted our snacks. He rested his head on my shoulder while Jamie Grayson answered countless questions and gave away more gift bags and baby gear. Monster was asleep in the stroller before we were even walked 2 blocks back to the train station; I'm sure the fact that he missed his nap also had something to do with that. Definitely a day to remember.

On Sunday, general admission day, I went solo. My boys had a Daddy/Monster day watching the Eagles game while this Mama got a day to herself. I was up bright and early to catch the train, I was determined to make the 9:30 AM Cloth Diapers 101 seminar with Jennifer Labit of Cotton Babies. It was interesting to hear how her company started...from nothing. She could not even afford to buy diapers and groceries for her family and used her last $100.00 to start her business; she is an inspiration and gives me hope. I'm sure she did the same for others who were there.

 photo IMG_1138_zpsc04d906d.jpg

I was a bit disappointed in the layout and schedule of seminars; I missed some speakers I wanted to see due to lack of organization. Seminars were in at least 3 different areas and there was no "Master List" of where and when seminars were being held; I only made it to the ones in the main room. Something I would have liked to see was someone to talk about raising a baby/toddler on a budget; after all, most people start out being crunchy to save money.
Most vendors had samples to give out and sales on their products. I stopped to learn about every vendor there, big and small. I was very happy to see my local cloth diaper/child consignment store The Nesting House had a booth. There were not as many vendors as I expected but there was certainly a little bit of everything. I'm happy to say I only bought 1 thing, my first AppleCheeks pocket diaper in the limited addition color Trick or Cheeks from FiggyFuzz Baby Boutique. I would have bought Boo also but they were sold out. All attendees also walked away with a free Kiinde Twist Starter set; a breastfeeding collection, storage and feeding kit. No more passing pumped milk from bottle to pouch and back to bottle anymore!

I spoiled myself a bit and went over to Reading Terminal Market for lunch, I had a pulled pork sandwich from DiNiC's... Delicious! Carrying everything around the market and back to the train was not easy, thank goodness I brought reusable bags with me to carry everything. My only regret from the weekend was that I did not take enough pictures, huge blogger fail. I was just so overwhelmed with everything else that I forgot, I did get some but most of them were of Monster playing. MommyCon posted photos of there own, Monster and I were in quite a few of them, mostly of us attempting to be fitted for our Beco. It was a wonderful weekend, I met some amazing women and I am looking forward to attending next year.

 photo IMG_1146_zps6fa078fb.jpg

Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's been a while

It's been a long time since I last posted, actually I have not posted since I started my new job in November 2013. Things haven't been wonderful but they could always be worse. I thought if I got back into to writing that it might be more therapeutic then sulking.

I miss working for the animal shelter and I wish I could go back to dispatching, the shelter is actually looking for a part time dispatcher but I need full time work. They are hiring for a full time ACO too, but after the way I was treated when I was an officer I wouldn't go back to that position at that animal shelter unless they were under new management. I was born to work in the shelter industry and I'm determined to go back, even if it's to a different shelter.

We were on vacation 2 weeks ago, a "stay-cation". We took several day trips including Storybook Land and the Philadelphia Zoo. I had a total of 9 days off including weekends and it was amazing. Hubby and I got to spend all week with Monster Boy (formally known as Minion); it was my first vacation since he was born in 2012. While I enjoyed it, it made going back to work so much harder. I've been struggling a lot lately with being a full time working mom, I feel like I don't get to spend enough time with Monster Boy. He is so smart and learns new things everyday, I love that, but I'm not always the one teaching him these things and it makes me a little sad. I've been searching for legitimate ways to make money from home but so far I've come up dry. Avon and "pyramid" type jobs didn't work out at all.

I've also been having trouble with our living arrangement. We just re-signed the lease in the complex we moved into last summer, today marks exactly one year since we moved from our 3 bedroom rancher with a huge yard to 2 bedroom apartment on the 10th floor. It's too small for us, we are hoping to save enough money by next summer to buy a house or at least rent one. There is no way we could have another baby here. I'd love to live in a small town where everyone knows each other, neighbors are able to make good on threats to "tell your parents" and you don't have to be afraid to be outside after dark. A farm town would be nice. Honestly, I think as long as I can't hear my neighbors TV work for word I'd be happy. So much for the soundproof walls we were told all units have.

Well enough depressing, how about a Monster Boy update. He turned 2 years old in June and is doing great, getting bigger every day. He can count to 11, forms full sentences and even spelled his own name the other day. He's also started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Mama" occasionally. He seemed very interested in potty training in June but it didn't last long, he likes his diapers. He does tell us when he needs to be changed though, most of the time. For now, his potty chair sits in the living room until he is ready to try again. Oh, and he's been binky free for almost 3 months. Even during Terrible Twos, that kid makes me happier then anything else in the world.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Job

That's right, I finally got the job I've been after for over 10 years and now just 7 months later, I quit. I think I've lost my mind. I was venting to a friend one day about needing a new job closer to home (half joking and not seriously looking) and she told me her employer is always hiring; I figured what the heck, lets give it a shot. I had to take a pre-employment test which included a section on Excel, a program I've never so much as opened before let alone used. I failed it but must have rocked my interview because they hired me anyway! They offered me less money then what I make at the shelter so before I accepted Hubby and I sat down and figured out all of our expenses taking into account gas, tolls, food, sitter (who will have Minion 2 extra days now) and of course bills. Turns out, we are still saving more money if I take the new job. It also offers room for advancement and they have quarterly bonuses, something I'll likely never see at the shelter. I decided to take it. Hubby of course is thrilled because I will no longer be working night shift or over-nights anymore, or weekends for that matter. I've never had a job where not only so I have a set schedule but I have EVERY weekend off! Maybe I can be a functional member of my family for once.

I'm going to miss the shelter a lot though, for a lot of reasons. Saving animals lives, seeing something different everyday, police drug busts...I live for this stuff; I need to find myself a new adrenaline rush before I go stir crazy. Most of all I'm going to miss my co-workers. Scratch that, I'm going to miss my friends. I have met some amazing people working at the shelter and some life long friends, it's killing me that I won't get to see them everyday anymore. I'm not even going to be in the same state. I'm not going to get to see all the babies grow up (I started quite a baby boom when I got pregnant with Minion). Sure the place is like high school sometimes but what place isn't? So many people have had my back since I started there and genuinely supported me. Some are a bit over-protective but it's sweet and I think I'll even miss that. I'm always going to worry about my drivers even though I won't be working there anymore. They bust their butts doing what they love and it's usually a thankless job (except of course all the puppy kisses). Lives have been in danger more then once but it never stops anyone. I wish the rest of the world could see a shelter workers life through their eyes, it's hard. What am I going to do without this place?

I keep feeling like a made a mistake but I know this new job will be better for our future. We want to save to buy a house in a few years, I need a new car... These are all things that just won't be possible if I stay at the shelter. On a positive note, I get to go clothes/shoe shopping! This new place is business casual and there is not a lot in my current wardrobe that fits that category. Hubby is working on Sunday(his 1 a month) so Minion and I are going to spend the day upgrading our closets, I know he won't really enjoy it but at least we get to hang out together all day. Maybe I'll find somewhere with a play place for lunch since it's getting to cold for the playground... I know Chick-fil-A will be closed, I hope that doesn't leave only McDonald's. I can't eat there, it hurts my stomach and I'd rather Minion not eat there either.

This should definitely be interesting, I start this coming Monday so wish me luck.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

VTECH InnoTab 3S Giveaway

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In Mind 4U "I Love You to the Moon & Back" sign Giveaway


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Saturday, October 12, 2013

BabyBjorn ONE carrier Giveaway

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